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"LOUKE" was born with the name Jameall Thomas with roots from the Dominican Republic but grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. LOUKE was always a talented kid took everything he became a part of to the next level.

Threw the years he eventually got attached to playing paintball while playing the underground sport he became more into it and became a professional paintball player for the next 5years. After going to his first "BIG" rave in Miami for Ultra Music Festival in 2012 he listened to the artist Bassnectar and began to get more involved with the EDM world. He then moved to Orange County and met several other inspiring DJ/Producers and ventured toward being a DJ/Producer.

With learning the trade eventually started playing at local Bars and Clubs in Orange County area. LOUKE began to gather information and skills of producing from friends and artist around him and began to warp it into his own style. With hard work and passion LOUKE now has his first official release coming out June of 2014 with Russian Duo artist Sour'n'Sweet on the Italian label known as Musical Noize. Working with several other artist such as Janpier Beauchamp, Th3Wolv3s, and local Orange County artist Darrigo LOUKE is excited to get ready for more tracks to come.

The support he has received from other artist such as Far East Movement, Victor Niglio, Party Favor, and New Jersey's own "Jersey Club Kid" DJ SLiiNK, LOUKE is pushing to become a bigger and greater producer and person for others to follow.

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