About Sinan Sin Management

Sinan Sin Management is owned by Sinan Siner (Instagram).

Sinan Sin Management plans and coordinates all aspects of an artists’ concerts, promotional and travel needs as well as their media relations world wide. Besides artists, Sinan Sin Management also connects and promotes celebrities and athletes.

We work very closely with all media platforms from television and radio stations, to print media and all the leading names across the globe.

We make sure our artists, clebrities and athletes are protected 100% and looked after in the best possible way. We find new ways of distribution, ensure an extensive media presence and act as a competent agent between event organizers, labels, producers and all types of the media.

We have built up an extensive worldwide network of business associates and relationships which enable us to deliver and cater for all artist needs within the music industry and beyond.

We pride ourselves as a full service agency delivering talent, operational and after sales support for all of our clients from festival organisers to night club promoters.

Management services provided include International DJ touring, record label management, licensing agreements, production and producer management, remix management, online and social networking assistance and the everyday administration of all client business affairs including record label deals and accounting services.